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For cleaning services in Wolverhampton, get in touch today

Bespoke, professional and tailored cleaning services for domestic clients, landlords and businesses in Wolverhampton.

From one-off cleans to contract cleans, after-builders cleans and oven cleaning, we've got your every need well and truly covered.

Contact KeNwill Ltd

If you are looking for a flexible, committed, passionate and reliable team of cleaners to trust, look no more. You can trust us anytime and be totally confident that we will deliver with passion, great care, in time and as professionals.

WhatsApp or text: 07897012639

Phone: 01902 921102


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How many hours do I need to book?

The total number of hours is determined by a variety of factors including the number of rooms, size of the house and to a large extent the quality of clean you desire. You can be rest assured that all your preferences will be taken into utmost consideration when you book. Below is guide:

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How do I book a service?

Booking a quick and easy using our online booking portal. You can also call our office line directly on 01902 921102 or text or WhatsApp 07468 597328 for your quote.

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Do you need a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of £15 is required. In the event of a cancellation, this money will be paid back to you in full. However, you MUST cancel at least 8hrs before your scheduled cleaning time in order to get a refund.

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What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rates include the cleaners wage and the company’s fees. What you pay will totally depend on your preferences when you book. Not to worry, we are budget-friendly.

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Do I need to have a contract?

Absolutely not. Though we work very hard to ensure your continuous relationship with us and our services.

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What are your opening hours?

KENWILL LTD is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, a quick and easy way to book and make sure all your preferences are taken into consideration will be by using our online booking portal.

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What if my cleaner can’t make it to clean?

We will cover immediately or as soon as possible.

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Are you insured?

We acknowledge the fact that accidents do happen regardless. So YES we are fully insured to do what we are good at.

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What If I am unhappy with the service provided?

Though we continue to strive to deliver quality services, we acknowledge that there might be circumstances were our clients are unsatisfied with our services. In the unlikely event of this, we promise to look into the complaint and act accordingly, in a timely manner.  And we fully understand that might mean a re-clean. However, we kindly request that complains (if any) be done within 24 hrs post service delivery.

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Do I have to provide cleaning products/equipment?

Yes, considering the fact that majority of our cleaners travel using public transport, they are unable to travel with large or bulky equipment. However, in exceptional cases, we are happy to provide these but it will be for an extra cost. Find more details on this when you book.

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Do I have to be present during the cleaning process?

Is entirely up to you. Our cleaners go through a thorough vetting process prior to being employed. We will provide you with a form (Key Acknowledge form) for your cleaner to fill to acknowledge receipt of your keys. Someone will need to check post cleaning to ensure customer satisfaction.

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What happens if something is damaged during the cleaning process?

While our cleaners are trained to function effectively and efficiently, we are fully insured to cover for damages to your home when required.

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